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In the modern world, there is a void.

For all the benefits of science, the scientific worldview cannot offer us guidance on how to live a Good Life? On what to value? Who we should be? And how we should live and find meaning in our lives?

John Vervaeke has called this void of narrative, normativity & nomological order: ‘The Meaning Crisis’.

My work taps into ancient philosophy, ethics, mythology, literature and the modern science of the mind to offer insights into how we can, as individuals, migrate to a new emerging worldview that will afford us more meaning, wisdom and self-transcendence.

This newsletter aims to offer clarity and exploration around the questions:

  1. Who are we? (Self-knowledge)

  2. Who should we be? (Ethics)

  3. And how we transform one into another? (Practises, stories & Spiritual Exercises)

Topics explored include Virtue Ethics and virtue Traditions, Religion, Attention, ancient myths and stories, human nature, psychology, cognitive science, and particularly the work of Jordan Peterson and John Vervaeke (who came up with the Wisdom Dojo name). Generally, my work aims to continue the wisdom web’s powerful effort to help modern secular individuals to seek wisdom and generate meaning in life.

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Who am I?

My name is Mahon. I am an Irish Philosophy doctoral researcher, Award-winning Playwright, Martial arts coach, Black belt, and Podcast host.

As my Dad would say, I have followed the martial and literary arts with balanced determination. Mastering writing, fighting and studying ancient philosophy, talking with some of the modern leaders of the practice on my podcasts like John Vervaeke, Donald Robertson and Dr John Sellars.

My BA is in Philosophy and Economics, and my Master’s is in Creative Writing from Queen’s University Belfast. My plays have been performed in the Lyric Theatre, Rua Red Gallery, The New Theatre Temple Bar and selected for the Dublin Fringe Festival 2020. Studying martial arts for over 20 years, I have a black belt in Bujinkan Ninjitsu and have been a fighter and coach in both traditional Muay Thai and Western Boxing.

Day to day, I am a Philosophy Doctoral Researcher in Ethics and New Technologies, winning DCU’s School of Theology and Philosophy Scholarship 2022 to study the ethical issues of Social Media Companies monetising users' attention. I am currently completing my PhD but communicate what I think are valuable insights on self-development, self-transcendence and personal transformation on my podcast, which has frequently been top ten self-improvement and education in Ireland.

The core of my work is Socratic, in that I believe philosophy should help people become wiser and live better lives, and also Epicurean, as I see the role of the Philosopher in the modern world as a ‘physician of the soul’, attempting to alleviate existential suffering.

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Mahon McCann is a remarkable individual.  He is an original thinker, full of passion for his subjects and determination to contribute to our culture.”- Jimmy McAleavey, Award-winning Belfast playwright and Abbey Theatre Resident artist.

Think of Roddy Doyle, with the somber outlook of a millennial whose experiences have been shaped by previous generations. Add a smattering of Hunter S. Thompson and you have Mahon McCann.” - Paddy H, English Teacher.

There’s a new Irish writer of perception, intelligence, and wit in town

- Randall S, Reader of TMWM

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Mahon McCann

Playwright & Philosophy PhD Researcher in Ethics and New Technologies from Dublin, Ireland.