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#71 - Eric Orwoll - Awakening From The Meaning Crisis with Christian Platonism

#71 - Eric Orwoll - Awakening From The Meaning Crisis with Christian Platonism

New podcast on the meaning crisis, Plato and the Christian worldview

We back!

Been slightly delayed lately because of organising this play (get tickets here), but this interview is a fire-cracker to start back with 🎉

Eric Orwoll is a Christian Platonist philosopher and the creator of the Understanding Platonism and Aarvoll youtube channels (check out his channel here)

In this podcast, we are discussing Christian Platonist solutions to the Meaning Crisis.

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0:00 - Intro 0:36 - Crisis of Meaning 5:22 - Re-entering Christianity 15:20 - Platonic Tools 25:19 - Levels of the self 27:04 - Grace 31:00 - Self-integration 35:50 - Centrality of attention 39:13 - Jungian Shadow 40:45 - Jung & Plato 44:03 - Order & Chaos 49:52 - Hierarchy of good & evil 54:13 - God as Being 56:55 - The First Principle 57:56 - Aristotle & Plato 1:00:06 - Nominalism 1:02:09 - Socrates

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