Apr 21, 2021 • 1HR 33M

#20 - Jimmy McAleavey - What Really Are The Big Questions?

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Mahon McCann
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Jimmy McAleavey is a Belfast playwright, author, and sometimes screenwriter who is also a lecturer in creative writing at Queens University and an associate playwright of the Abbey Theatre, Dublin.

In this podcast, we talk about Jimmy's career, the troubles, plays versus television, empathising with characters, why loyalism might have some hidden virtues, are human beings are really top of the food chain? And are the big questions still the big questions?

In this podcast, you can expect to learn about Jimmy stopping riots in west Belfast with his lilac pants, why truth leads to empathy, the essence of playwrighting, why marvel is just religion with pecs, and maybe, what life is all about. Enjoy!

I nearly ruined this interview, I think, by laughing every 30 seconds, but honestly, there's no man like Jimmy; what a storyteller!