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#57 - Mitja Černko - What is Personal Development? (Part 1)

#57 - Mitja Černko - What is Personal Development? (Part 1)

A deep dive into personality, character and human transformation

Mitja Černko is a psychologist, researcher and co-founder of the Trainer's Forum.

Mitja’s bio:

My journey as an adult learning provider started when I was 19, beginning with the contrast between "formal" and "non-formal" education. While studying psychology, contributing to various (international) student organisations, and conducting (social) data science projects, I became increasingly impressed by the scope and depth of learning experiences and how reliably they can be facilitated. 10 years later, this insight still powers my involvement with Trainers' Forum (TsF) - an international and interdisciplinary community of learning providers whose collective intelligence continually inspires me with its innovative potential.

In this podcast, we are discussing:

  • What is personal development?

  • Cybernetic Personality Theory

  • Stoicism

  • Individual evolution

  • Evolutionary traps i.e technology

  • Virtues and vices

  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

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