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#60 - Joe Barnes - What is a brand? (and how to launch a successful one)

#60 - Joe Barnes - What is a brand? (and how to launch a successful one)

A deep dive into branding, creativity and digital identity with a top brand strategist and visual storyteller

What is a brand?

This is one of those ghoulish, new-age internet questions that keeps me up at night. I don’t really understand brands and branding, but thankfully Joe Barnes is an accomplished Brand Strategist, graphic designer, painter and visual storyteller - so he can set me straight!  

In this podcast, we are discussing branding, personal versus professional branding, the mechanics of branding, how creativity works, is controversy a good thing? And more.

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0:00 - Intro

01:00 - What is a brand?

06:00 - The mechanics of branding

10:00 - Problems in the marketplace

12:00 - How creativity works

14:00 - Branding in art

18:00 - improving your brand

24:00 - Branding & Identity

29:00 - What is Creativity?

33:00 - What is a good brand?

35:00 - Controversy & Branding

42:00 - Personal Development & Branding

46:00 - Jordan Peterson's Brand

52:00 - Being an online creative

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