Oct 21, 2022 • 56M

#65 - John Vervaeke - Social Media, Attention & Awakening From The Meaning Crisis

John Vervaeke is a Canadian Cognitive Scientist and creator of the world famous 'Awakening from The Meaning Crisis Series'

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John Vervaeke is a professor of cognitive science and cognitive psychology at the University of Toronto, who has published a 50-part lecture series on Youtube, called "Awakening from the Meaning Crisis." (Check out John's Youtube channel here). He has been interviewed on the Jordan Peterson, Lex Fridman, and Modern Wisdom Podcasts and is a world-leading pioneer in Cognitive Science.

In this conversation, we are discussing the attention economy, social media, the meaning crisis, Silicon Sages, and a vision beyond the meaning crisis.

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0:00 - Intro

1:45 - The Problem of Social Media

3:30 - Rationality & Attention

6:00 - Communities of Wisdom

9:55 - Tech & The Meaning Crisis

17:57 - Living in a Digital Reality

23:40 - Regulating Social Media

29:10 - Attention & A.I

35: 26 - Why the market failed

42:25 - Good Tech

46:12 - Artificial Wisdom

31:13 - Beyond the Meaning Crisis

52:55 - After Socrates

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