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#67 - Sebastian Watzl - The Philosophy of Attention & Social Media

#67 - Sebastian Watzl - The Philosophy of Attention & Social Media

Master your attention and survive the attention economy with award winning writer and professor of philosophy Sebastian Watzl.

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Sebastian Watzl is the associate professor of philosophy at the University of Oslo, author of 'Structuring Mind: The Nature of Attention and how it Shapes Consciousness' and one of the foremost philosophical thinkers on attention in the world today.

Get his book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Structuring-Mind-Nature-Attention-Consciousness/dp/0199658420

In this podcast, we are talking about attention, how attention works, why attention is the start of self-control, how to improve your attentional skills, what attention capture technology is doing to our brains and how to fix it!

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