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#68 - Hannah McGlynn - Insights & Inspiration For Quitting Drinking

#68 - Hannah McGlynn - Insights & Inspiration For Quitting Drinking

Reflections on 365 days without drinking with Hannah McGlynn

Sup Monks!

We are back in action in 2023, later than expected…Unfortunately got covid post-Christmas so been largely bedbound and just getting cooking again. So much more to come this year though with big interviews and big ideas with more essays and podcasts.

Delighted to have Dublin Videographer, photographer, and all-round legend, Hannah McGlynn back for the second time to discuss quitting drinking.

In this podcast, we are talking about insights and inspirations for staying off the drink, reflecting on the year I just did sober (and Hannah’s last 6!), confronting bad drinking habits, changing consciousness, flow states, creativity, casual alcoholism, and much more!

Check out the audio here:

And the video:


0:00 - Intro

1:59 - Hannah’s Story

9:52 - Invisible Chaos Machine

12:50 - Sober Socialising

15:29 - Flow States

18:00 - Creativity & Addiction

19:08 - ADHD & Dopamine

27:09 - Personality Psychology

30:00 - Finding your Niche

33:00 - Shame & Shadow Self

39:06 - Stutz

40:53 - Judgement

42:49 - Binge Drinking

45:50 - Potential & Alcohol

49:07 - Media & Drinking

51:44 - Setting Realistic Goals

58:12 - Finding Balance

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