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#70 - Gregg Henriques - Solving The Problem of Psychology

#70 - Gregg Henriques - Solving The Problem of Psychology

Clinical Psychologist and Professor of Psychology Gregg Henriques

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Gregg Henriques is an American psychologist. He is a combined-Integrated Doctoral Program professor at James Madison University, in Harrisonburg, Virginia, US.

He has just released a new book “A New Synthesis: Solving the problem of psychology” (get the book here) where he is addressing the mind/body problem, what the mind is and provides a complete epistemology to bring together a divided discipline.

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Or Follow Gregg at https://www.unifiedtheoryofknowledge.org/

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00:00 - intro

1:09 - Problem of psychology

9:15 - The Enlightenment gap

14:15 - Beyond Scientific Materialism

19:36 - Behaviourism

21:10 - The Emergence of Life

24:09 - Mind 1 + 2

32:30 - Mind 3

38:40 - Developing Culture

45:14 - Scientific ontology problems

47:44 - Relevance Realisation & UTOK

51:05 - Psychiatry

57:52 - Avoiding Neurotic Loops

1:02:50 - Big Five Personality Theory

1:07:29 - Mental health Crisis

1:14:11 - Consilience Conference

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