Apr 27 • 1HR 8M

#72 - Brendan Graham Dempsey - A Meaningful Worldview Beyond Postmodernism

A conversation with Metamodern writer Brendan Graham Dempsey on getting past postmodernism

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Mahon McCann
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Greetings Friends,

This week, I had an awe-inspiring conversation with Metamodern writer Brendan Graham Dempsey ( @BrendanGrahamDempsey  ) on Post-modernism, Meaning, Meta-modernity and God. (See more of Brendan's work here or his substack here)

It’s a great honour to ring the death knell for Post-modernism. A French philosophy of cynicism and despair, which no one will miss except committed Nihilists. The next chapter of human philosophical endeavour looks much more promising, which we are discussing in this podcast!

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0:00 - Intro

0:44 - What is Post-modernism?

8:20 - Where did it start?

13:48 - Hermeneutics of Suspicion

19:46 - Rejecting God

23:13 - What is Metamodernism?

27:00 - The Wisdom Web

32:00 - Finding Meaning

36:00 - What is meaningful information?

46:30 - Postmodern rejection of meaning

51:00 - Shifting Perception & Metanoia

54:00 - Piaget & Development

58:27 - What is God?

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