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#76 - Christopher Mastropietro - Mythology, Meaning & Manipulation

#76 - Christopher Mastropietro - Mythology, Meaning & Manipulation

A new podcast conversation

Well, hello!

Back with a new interview with Mr Christopher Mastropietro this week.

Chris is a philosophical writer with interests in dialogue, symbols, and the concept of self. He is a co-author of several publications, including Zombies in Western Culture: A Twenty-First Century Crisis (Open Book Publishers, 2017), “Gnosis in the Second Person” (in Dispatches from a Time Between Worlds, Perspectiva Press, 2021) and “Dialectic into Dialogos and the Pragmatics of No-thingness in a Time of Crisis” (in Eidos. A Journal for Philosophy of Culture, 2021). He is heavily involved in the work of John Vervaeke and Vervaeke foundation addressing the meaning crisis.

In this podcast, we discuss theatre, narrative, mythology, character development, art vs propaganda, pesudo-religious ideologies (or mythologies) the barrier between fiction and facts that harms development, and much more!

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0:00 - intro

0:49 - Arthur Miller & The Meaning Crisis

5:47 - Imaginal play & Wisdom

7:53 - Plato understood as drama

10:38 - Stories & Virtue development

14:25 - centrality of character in ethics & narrative

18:11 - Plato’s warning against drama

23:29 - Art vs Propaganda

27:25 - Hero Meta-mythology

33:44 - Nominalist obstacles to truth

42:28 - love and socratic practice

54:51 - drama and imitating the good

01:05:38 - Miller’s writing process & logos

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