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#77 - Dr Iain McGilchrist - Neuroscience, Attention & Artificial Intelligence

#77 - Dr Iain McGilchrist - Neuroscience, Attention & Artificial Intelligence

An interview with world-renowned neuroscientist Ian Mcgilchrist
Dr Iain Mcgilchrist

Greetings friend,

This is a big one!

Dr Iain McGilchrist is one of my favourite thinkers, and it has been a long-term ambition to get him on the podcast for a chat - so you’re in for a treat!

Iain is a psychiatrist, neuroscience researcher, philosopher, literary scholar, and the world’s foremost expert on brain hemispheric differences. He has written several significant books, such as The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World (2009) and the recent The Matter with Things (2021).

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Enjoy the conversation 👇👇👇


0:00 - intro

0:29 - Functioning of the Two Cerebral Hemispheres

1:10 - Attention in Perception and Understanding

1:45 - The Influence of Context on Perception

3:11 - Attention on Future Perception and Behavior 5:35 - Hemispheric Differences & Culture

13:39 - The Role of Attention in Understanding Reality

15:52 - Values in Perception and Attention

34:00 - The Illusion of Materialistic Satisfaction

37:51 - The Role of Dopamine and Addiction in Our Lives

47:29 - The Threat of Technology and AI on Human Relationships

50:17 - The Importance of Humanities in Education

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