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#83 - DC Schindler - Story & The Dramatic Structure of Truth

#83 - DC Schindler - Story & The Dramatic Structure of Truth

A new interview on truth, stories and perception


D. C. Schindler is professor of metaphysics and anthropology at the John Paul II Institute, Washington, DC.

He is the author of eleven books, including Freedom from Reality: The Diabolical Character of Modern Liberty (University of Notre Dame Press, 2017)

(get his books here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/D-C-Schindler/e/B001JRTOAU)

In this podcast, we discuss the ontology of stories, fact vs fiction, materialism, perception, naive realism, platonism, Christianity and more.


00:00 The Ontological and Epistemological Status of Stories

03:34 The Separation Between Fact and Fiction

07:27 The Reductionist View of Truth

10:25 The Role of Stories in Mapping Reality

13:07 The Limitations of the Scientific Model of Reality

15:21 The Journey of Knowing and Understanding

19:06 The Misuse of the Term 'Artificial Intelligence'

21:45 The Breakdown of the Bond Between Reality and Truth

23:28 The Influence of the Enlightenment

25:45 The Role of Nominalism in the Shift in Perception of God

27:07 The Journey Towards the Really Real

29:53 The Self-Defeating Nature of Denying All Truth

31:44 Starting with What People Care About

31:57 The Inescapability of the Good

33:03 The Significance of a Troubled Conscience

34:15 The Connection Between Universal and Particular Stories

35:12 The Role of Transcendent Goodness in Drama

37:07 The Presence of Goodness in Characters

38:29 The Dramatic Power of Forgiveness

39:21 The Revelation of Character in Decisions

40:34 The Role of Goodness in Decision-Making

41:25 Truth as Disclosure and Revelation

43:30 The Loss of Meaning and the Need for Stories

44:29 The Connection Between Stories and Tradition

45:45 The Disconnect from Tradition and the Search for Meaning

46:13 Christianity as the Ultimate Story

46:56 The Parallels Between Christianity and Plato's Philosophy

48:22 The Distrust and Loss of Meaning in a Secular Culture

50:30 The Difference Between Story and Entertainment

51:50 The Relevance and Universality of Meaningful Stories

52:31 The Connection to Tradition and the Bigger Order of Things

53:27 The Anti-Traditionalism of American Culture

55:20 The Truncated Sense of Tradition in Modern Culture

57:21 The Disconnect from Wisdom and Deep Stories

58:26 The Need for a Recovery of Tradition and Meaning

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