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#84 - Sam Tideman - Is artificial intelligence even possible??

#84 - Sam Tideman - Is artificial intelligence even possible??

A new chat with Google AI engineer and host of Transfigured Youtube channel

Sup Wisdom Seekers!

This week I’ve got a conversation for you on the limits of AI…

Sam Tideman is the host of Transfigured, a profound religious and philosophical thinker, and a Google data engineer.

Check out Sam's channel: https://www.youtube.com/@transfigured3673

In this podcast, we are talking about the limits of artificial intelligence, social media, evolution and the cult of trans-humanism.

Check out the full podcast:


00:00 Introduction and Skepticism of AI's Capabilities

09:12 The Challenge of Quantifying Wisdom and Enlightenment in AI

33:23 The Limitations of AI and the Need for Human Intervention

52:44 The Risks of AI Cults and the Importance of a Religious Framework

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