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#74 - Waiting For The Offo Review From Dramatic Dublin

#74 - Waiting For The Offo Review From Dramatic Dublin

An interview and review from Dublin South FM Dramatic Dublin Host Alison Maccarvill

Well hello there!

I hope you managed to come and see the show in Dublin with us! If not, don’t despair we are planning more shows in the future!

Our audiences responded brilliantly with a sold-out run, and the last four shows finished with standing ovations. The production definitely struck a nerve and many people said they might even consider going to the theatre in the future (Which is pretty cool).

The production, the act of producing a play, working with actors, watching Conan the director build the production and finally, seeing the audience's reactions blew me away. In some ways like writing my first book, but so much better because I was so constantly surprised by other people’s gifts that they brought to the initial script. It is so true that a play is made three times, once when written, again when produced, and then finally in the minds of the audience. The whole experience while gruelling, exhausting, and frustrating, wet my appetite for more. This certainly will not be the last play which I write!

We are currently in discussions for a 2024 production so keep your ears out and will put through any updates via the email and Instagram accounts.

In the meantime, I did an interview with Dublin South FM’s Alison Maccarvil on her show Dramatic Dublin review of the play (which you can listen to above), and here are some kind words from her review:

This play has it all, except booze. There’s friendship, attempts at romance, crazed drug dealers. Not to mention deep existential conversations about life, direction etc…Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Waiting. For Godot, Mahon McCann gives the idea a fun modern twist while retaining the existential philosophical nature of the idea. In fact, philosophy is referenced on a number of occasions during the play - perhaps a subtle reference to the playwright Mahon McCann’s background in philosophy? An interesting play at times fun at others, thoughtful. I certainly left the theatre thinking about life, and surprised and to be honest a little bit gleeful when I passed an open off license…

We also put together a video review with some of the shots from the play you might be interested in!

Or, you can download the events digital program with a writers and directors note below 👇

Offo Digital Program
2.24MB ∙ PDF file

Next week, I’m planning on releasing the final essay of the philosophical guide to self-development, which has been continually expanding to twelve parts!

Stay tuned for that in print and audio next Thursday 🚀

Warm Regards,


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