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#58 - Mitja Černko - What is Personal Development? (Part 2)

#58 - Mitja Černko - What is Personal Development? (Part 2)

Relevance Realisation, Personality and Well-being with Mitja Chernko

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Part 2 of this very exciting chat with Psychologist and Co-founder of the Trainer's Forum, Mitja Chernko is out now!

In this podcast we are talking about, the essence of personal development, Relevance Realisation, Attention, Big Five Personality Theory, evolutionary traps, Well-being and the developmental crisis of the future.

Audio podcast:

Video podcast:


0.00 - Intro

03.20 - Re-cap

09:00 - Relevance Realisation

16:00 - Agent/Arena Relationship

17:11 - Why does essence matter?

26:00 - Transformation of personality

30:00 - Personality versus Personal

34:00 - Capacities

40:00 - Evolution

45:00 - Well-being

55:00 - Psychological Literacy

Part 3 will be out in two weeks!

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