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#78 - Matt Segall - Reality, Free-will and The Kantian Divide

#78 - Matt Segall - Reality, Free-will and The Kantian Divide

a new podcast interview with philosopher Matt Segall

New podcast is out now!

Matthew David Segall, Phd, is a transdisciplinary researcher, writer, teacher, and philosopher applying process-relational thought across the natural and social sciences and to the study of consciousness. He is the Associate Professor in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Program at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA and the Chair of the Science Advisory Committee for the Cobb Institute.

Get his new book ‘Crossing The Threshold: Etheric Imagination in the Post-Kantian Process Philosophy of Schelling and Whitehead’.

Check out his youtube channel Footnotes2Plato

In this podcast, we discuss crossing the Kantian divide, the role of imagination in perception, the impact of nominalism on the west, whitehead’s process philosophy and his panentheistic view of God, the open universe and the role of human freedom within it, and finally, the meaning crisis and the need to bridge the gap between academia and other communities.

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00:00 Introduction and the Kantian Divide

04:59 Kant's Epistemological Dualism

07:34 The Role of Imagination in Kant's Philosophy

12:00 The Impact of Nominalism on Imagination

17:28 The Connection Between Imagination and Self-Transcendence

21:07 Whitehead's Cosmology and the Role of Imagination

25:26 Transcendental Apperception and Contextualization

29:16 Whitehead's Philosophy in Historical Context

36:53 Whitehead's Panentheistic View of God

46:06 Whitehead's View on Free Will and Determinism

50:04 Whitehead's View on Human Agency and Evolution

51:08 The Open Universe and Free-will

52:16 The Vegetable Universe

56:22 Life Precedes Matter

58:07 Death as Part of Life

59:32 Overcoming the Meaning Crisis

01:00:38 The Role of Religion in Finding Meaning

01:03:38 Translating Complex Ideas

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