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#79 - Jelle Bruineberg - How SOCIAL MEDIA manipulates your MIND to change your BEHAVIOUR

#79 - Jelle Bruineberg - How SOCIAL MEDIA manipulates your MIND to change your BEHAVIOUR

Podcast on Social Media, attention and AI

Jelle Bruineberg is an assistant professor at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication and the author of this paper ‘Adversarial Inference: Predictive Minds in the Attention Economy’: 👇


In this podcast, we discuss the attention economy, the psychology and cognitive science of attention, predictive processing, AI and the future of the internet. 

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00:00 Introduction to the Attention Economy and Adversarial Inference

06:37  Limitations of the Broadbandian Conception of Attention

08:14 The Role of Action in Attention

11:51 The Relationship Between Attention and Executive Function

15:36 External and Internal Triggers in Attention

17:28 The Role of Self-Modeling in Attention and Agency

20:28 The Impact of Digital Environments on Attention and Concentration

25:06 Precariousness of Agency and Environmental Scaffolding

27:46 The Role of Positive Affect and Dopamine in Attention

31:59 Designing Environments to Support Attention and Agency

36:29 The Influence of AI on the Attention Economy and Agency

47:17 The Role of AI in Society

48:44 The Impact of Technology on Affordances

49:13 Regulating Digital Technologies

50:12 Building Agency-Enhancing Technologies

51:30 The Need for a New Philosophy

53:55 The Challenge of a Unified Theory of Attention

55:59 Attention as a Core Cognitive Process

56:45 Rebuilding the Internet

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